Saturday, October 12, 2013

David Sammon SEO - Building A Successful Campaign

SEO has gone through countless overhauls through the year which has resulted in an abundance of websites getting penalized through each search engine update. I always read about a webmaster blaming everything except themselves whenever an algorithm update happens. Every since the Panda, Penguin updates, webmaster are going to every SEO firm in an attempt to salvage their revenue and regain their once successful placement in Google.

The webmaster tosses a few benjamins to have more work on their website completed but they are still faced with the same end result of not generating leads or revenue. This can turn into a very repetitive process that can cost a webmaster thousands of dollars. With a lack of complete knowledge about Google's search engine algorithm, combined with assumptions that more links will resolve your problem, only equates to an upset webmaster that is bitter towards SEO.

Lack Of SEO Knowledge Can Hurt You

A damaged website requires a special level of care in order to recover your previous position. For example, it can require contacting webmasters that are hosting low quality links pointing to your website and requesting that they remove them. We may also use Google's disavow tool to safely disallow any link power being delivered from low quality sites through Google's personal program.

If any of your previous backlinks have duplicate content, you will more than likely never rebound to your previous position unless aggressive and immediate action is taken at the beginning of your campaign. In order to successfully do this, it does require a disclose on your part that previous SEO has been done. This is important so we can pull a complete link report and avoid quality links that were previously made.

Contact David Sammon For SEO Today

Before you do anything that can potentially damage your website, contact David Sammon to discuss your SEO campaign. Make sure that you go over any previous links done to ensure proper action can be done. If you have the slightest damage from a previous SEO firm, you could spend endless months working on your website without any results coming into light.

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