Friday, October 11, 2013

David Sammon SEO

SEO can be a very difficult task that could end up costing countless hours in niche research and link building. Improper link building or non compliance with Google's algorithm updates can cause your website to inherit an unwanted Google penalty. David Sammon has been actively practicing SEO since 2002 and has maintained a portfolio of 2000+ websites on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Google adds multiple algorithm updates per month and its imperative that you practice white hat SEO to ensure that you don't have to deal with the headaches of automatic and manual search engine penalties that Google administrators. Google has many different search engine penalties. The time frames for each penalty varies depending on what SEO factor is involved.

David Sammon Can Help With Your SEO

To be honest, there are many different algorithm updates that are being released in an attempt to combat any blackhat SEO practice. There have been countless webmasters that have fallen victim to a penalty from Google even if their website is considered to be white hat. This has resulted in many companies to go out of business over their lack of knowledge of SEO.

Contact David Sammon today to discuss your website and go over your keywords you are interested in. Doing long term SEO is a very delicate process that should be done only by a professional. Any duplicate links or low quality links can be forever damaging to your website and make it very difficult for you to eventually achieve your desired keyword rank.

Don't Contact David Sammon For SEO If Your Website Is Already Damaged

Lets be honest, the process of SEO is cramming roughly 1200 - 1600 hours of labor into a compacted time frame. This can only be accomplished if your website has not already been damaged due to improper link building or lack of SEO knowledge. Bottom line, if your website is already damaged or has duplicate backlinks without an upfront disclosure you won't have any guarantee.

Its your responsibility as a webmaster to understand that SEO is a very complex process that requires creative execution. Building links to a damaged website requires a different level of care that is absolutely needed to reverse the damage. If your website had previous SEO work or is damaged please disclose this to ensure the proper care can be given to your website.

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