Saturday, October 12, 2013

David Sammon SEO Success

SEO is an evolving process that changes year to year. The barrier to entry seems to get smaller with each algorithm update that Google releases. This creates a very severe financial strain to webmasters and gives them no choice but to either pay for more SEO or build another website from scratch. Many webmasters are very bitter when SEO is mentioned due to the constant issues with site penalties.

David Sammon has been actively doing SEO since 2002. Constantly evolving with Google's algorithm, David has built a portfolio of 2000+ websites with the sole purpose of search engine domination. Search engine penalties and updates are items that David is extremely familiar with and can help you avoid. His white hat link building will ensure that you don't ever deal with any search engine penalties.

Contact David Sammon For SEO Questions

SEO is naturally a confusing question that most local businesses aren't very familiar with. Feel free to contact David Sammon for any of your SEO questions. He can address your concerns related to link building, onpage optimization, social media, reputation management, and more. He can review your keywords and also look over your website to determine the amount of optimization is needed.

You should also know that David Sammon only practices white hat SEO. Anything related to black hat link building is geared for short term results and a high possibility of penalties. David's process is aimed towards longevity to ensure that your results are stable and ongoing. You should only work with SEO firms that practice white hat ethic link building methods.

Contact David Sammon Today

There are countless variables related to SEO and each case is usually different. I will be more than happy to review your website and proposed keywords and determine the difficulty. Your websites content will need to be optimized towards the keywords you are wanting to appear on the first page of Google for. Reach out to David Sammon today to go over what your next steps should be.

Keep in mind that sites that are hosted on offsite platforms like Instapage, Optimizepress, etc that don't have the ability of edit host files are excluded from any guarantee unless you move your website to an SEO friendly platform. Please contact me today to go over your website and disclose your sites platform to ensure that you are given the proper amount of care needed.

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